All Hail King, or is it Queen Strategy?

Jane Edema
2 min readJun 8, 2022


Strategy is either the king, or the queen that King Content needs to stay relevant.

I grew up hearing that customer is king — I believe most of us did.

And I figured that’s another way to say, accord your customers respect and attention that befits a king.

Any business that sees its customers as priority and serve them well will always stand out.

The problem usually is that most businesses start with treating customers as kings until they become repeat customers. Then, they focus on the new customers at the expense of the old ones — who starts feeling that they have overstayed their welcome.

The same applies in most relationships. Friends start out treating each other with respect and making an effort; until there seems to be no need anymore — the primary reason why most relationships hit the rocks.

To avoid a situation like this in any trade or industry, there has to be a strategy, as this will help you sustain relationships — spouse, customers, prospects, repeat customers, siblings, etc.

Years ago, I remember stepping into a store and being treated with so much respect each time I entered to make a purchase. Then, after a while, the business owner would ignore me and tend to customers that came after me.

So, I approached her to know why she operates her business that way.

And she was like: “I have won you already”

Yet, I wasn’t a shareholder in her business.

Please, know this:

It isn’t enough to have a business, you must strategize on how to make repeat customers continually feel like kings, and never to be taken for granted.

Else, all you’ll keep doing is having customers that soon get discontented and retainership becomes impossible.

Years later, as I dived into the digital marketing, I started to hear the cliche, “Content is King”.

And in my mind, I was like:

Content is king? Customer is king? Hmmm.

True, it’s possible to have two kings, but not in the same kingdom. That would be monstrous.

If all your business does is churn out content without considering her prospects or customers, then that would be like playing football without a goal post.

That’s where strategy comes in to bridge the divide.

A well-devised strategy should help you churn out content that converts:

  1. Prospects to customers
  2. Customers to repeat customers, and then
  3. Repeat customers to loyal customers.

Indeed, content only becomes king in the presence of a well-mapped-out strategy that keeps customers feeling special.

Strategy alone can help sustain any business’s goal for the long term.

So, if content can only be effective by strategizing, and your business can only continually retain customers by strategy, the question becomes:

Who’s the true king here?

In my opinion, that title goes inarguably to:


Strategy is either the real king, or the queen King Content desperately needs to stay relevant.



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